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An enterprise grade platform for everyday business

ECMS Horizons is more than just website content management, it’s a Business Framework that scales with your needs. What can Horizons do for your business?


Auto-scaling cloud infrastructureauto-scaling
cloud infrastructure


99.99% uptime guarantee99.99%


Flexible database architecturecustomize
data storage



responsive designbuilt-in at the  application layer responsive design
built-in at the
application layer


stable and predictable pricing

Predictable costs and resource requirements


Secure isolated virtual private cloudisolated
virtual private

ECMS Core ProfesionalECMS Core BasicECMS Core Enterprise

Perfect Fit

What’s right for one business might not
be for yours, choose what works for you!

ECMS Horizons is offered at three levels to suit both your current and future needs, enabling your platform to scale with the size of your business. What can Horizons do for your business?

Intelligent Modules

Effective platforms aren’t simply a collection of modules, they need to be intelligent and aware of their environment. Environmental awareness allows your platform to become more than the sum of it’s parts.

ECMS Module Spectrum

Custom Modules and
Customization Services

eCommunities also offers complete custom module development or customization services when our offerings don’t fit your exact needs. Our extreemely flexible architechture allows for rapid deployment regardless of the complexity of your needs. What can Horizons do for your business?

Expand Your Capabilities

Horizons' wide array of modules each come in varying levels allowing you to build the perfect solution using only what you need, but leaving room for your deployment to grow and change as quickly as you do.

Modules flagged as "CORE" are included in all subscriptions at the level subscribed to, while those flagged with "Free Basic Tier" are freemium offerings that include the Basic tier for fee regardless of Core subscription but can be upgraded for more functionality.  Finally those flagged as "On-demand" are included at all subscription levels but are billed by usage, the system will always ensure you pay the lowest rates possible and nothing in months where it's not used at all.

Advertising Manager

Advertising Manager

Monetize your website and serve either remote ad service content, or your own locally sold placements.

Categories & Collections

Categories and Collections (CORE)

Create and manage category trees which can be used by other modules to organize content.

Client Relationship Manager

Client Relationship Manager

Manage sales opportunities and explore the information stored about people and businesses.

Communications Manager

Communications (Free Basic Tier)

Moderate Forums, make Blog posts, create News articles, and Support your visitors and clients.



Create and manage online stores, products, shopping carts and all things related to online sales.

Events Calendar

Events Calendar (Free Basic Tier)

Custom calendars for your own events, as well as calendars showing other module events.

Custom Form Builder

Custom Form Builder

Create custom forms for use on your site using a huge variety of fully validated form field types.

Job Board

Job Board (Free Basic Tier)

Post Jobs and manage each openings requirements, skills, preferences, etc.

Listing Manager


Listings can represent Businesses, Attractions, or anything else in large numbers being promoted online.

Media Warehouse

Media Warehouse (CORE)

Manage all of your media (images, documents, etc.) used across the site in one place.

Menus & Navigation

Menus & Navigation (CORE)

Build and manage feature rich menus for your site, include special links and items from other modules.

Newsletter & Bulk Email Distribution

Newsletters and Bulk Email Distribution (On-demand)

On-demand Bulk email services provided by eCommunities, send newsletters, notices, and more.

People & Groups

People and Groups (CORE)

Change passwords, edit account details, view history, and see all other related module content.

Project Manager & Business Process Automation

Project Manager & Process Automation

Oversee projects and tasks, assign roles and teams, and get an overview of delivery timelines.

Reports Agregator

Reports Agregator (CORE)

Create or review stored custom reports covering information from any licensed module.

Weather Centre

Weather Centre

Track weather from multiple sources, enhance the forecast data and display it on your site.

Webpages & Content

Webpages and Content (CORE)

Create and manage web pages, content sections, and all of your sites meta information.


Training & Instruction

We know your situation may not fit in a box, so we offer a variety of ways to help you get the most our of your platform

If you just want to keep up on what’s new, whether that be features we’ve added to Horizons, or How-To articles in our Knowledge Base, it’s as simple as logging in. We want you to be in the know so we’ve created a news feed that you can glance at while logging in.

If you’ve got specific needs and want to know how best to accomplish them, we have support forums where you can ask the community, and we’ll make sure our support staff chime in too.

ECMS is Standards Based

Standards based HTML5Standards based CSS3At eCommunities, we believe the easiest way to train is to not have to, allowing you to literally build on the foundation of knowledge you've already cultivated. ECMS allows you to put that knowledge to work.

We've adopted standards at every turn whether it be XML in our data management, HTML5 and CSS3 from end to end for presentation, or our REST based API.  You can count on eCommunities to do everything in can to reduce your learning curve and allow you to use the technologies you've already come to rely on.

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Why ECMS Horizons is better than WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal

We were recently asked by someone what it was that made us / ECMS Horizons different or better than the other options out their like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, and while we've answered this a hundred times, it was high time we compiled a "Top 10" of the most important things that set us appart and ahead.  Some answers are technical, some not so much, some will be more important to marketing companies, some more important to the end user, but all of them should take a role i...

Performance Boost

Many of you are aware of one or two items that we've fixed or improved for you specifically because we've been doing a lot of that work one on one lately.  There are a LOT of changes that have been made to ECMS to make everyones lives easier as a result. The big change that I'd like to go over today is our latest, I'll come back to the others in a future compilation post. Performance Boost through a Block Cache We've been working for over a year on methods to ca...

Drag and Drop Section Management, and a New Trouble Ticket system!

If you're familiar with the little green up and down arrows found on each section when viewing a webpage wireframe, you're going to love this. We've also rolled out an easy way to report problems and get help within ECMS!

Start Now!

We know that getting started on a new website or application can traditionally be a costly affair, at least it is for everyone else!  Choose the plan that works for your business...






Single website with
any number of domains
Up to 5 related sites with
role based administration
Unlimited related sites with
complex security requirements
ECMS Horizons Basic ECMS Horizons Professional ECMS Horizons Enterprise

per month (CAD)

$ 25.00
per month (CAD)
per month (CAD)

1x website / application
1x administrator
5GB storage

5x websites / applications
1x administrator & 10x managers
25GB storage

unlimited websites / applications
unlimited administrators & managers
100GB storage

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